Rebuild Dunedin Hospital Petition

Please return all petition sheets to the Freepost address below, by 17 March 2017.

Dunedin Hospital urgently needs to be rebuilt.  The Clinical Services Building (CSB) is riddled with asbestos, has a history of leaking and is not suited to deliver 21st Century healthcare to Dunedin residents.  

If you've already signed the online petition I ran last year, thank you.  But this one is different - it explicitly asks the Government to begin construction work on the rebuild before the general election expected in 2017.  It's important you sign this one so that we are able to submit it to Parliament and force the Government's hand on this issue.  

The Government has made all sorts of noises about rebuilding the hospital, but the dates for a new hospital keep getting pushed out.  Dunedin can't wait.  The work is urgent, and a 4 year old promise isn't delivering a modern hospital for our region.

To download a hard copy of petition, please click the image below.  Copies are also able to be picked up from my Electorate Office at 32 Albany Street.  


When you have filled the petition sheet(s) with the details of your friends, family and colleagues please drop them into my Albany Street office, or send to:

David Clark MP
Freepost PO Box 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160