Contact Dunedin North Labour

The Dunedin North Labour Party is made up of hundreds of people just like you.  Our members meet regularly in branches that are based on geography or particular causes.  Dunedin North has three geographical branches: City and Suburbs, Leith, Castle Street; and three special branches Dunedin Young Labour, Dunedin Women’s and Environmental.

If you're interested in joining the Labour Party or attending a meeting to see what we're all about, please find a list of Dunedin North branches below with a bit of information about them and a person to contact:

City and Suburbs

The City and Suburbs branch are a group of like-minded people who meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon to air their views on a wide range of issues and generate practical solutions to them.    

Contact City and Suburbs branch by emailing Secretary John Holmes


Leith branch loves to talk policy and not just for talk’s sake. They submit to the Labour's Policy Council on current issues so that the Labour Party can tackle the challenges facing New Zealand with courage and determination when in Government.

Contact Leith branch by emailing Secretary Brian Ellis

Castle Street

Castle Street Labour is focused on campaigning and leading practical action for the Labour Party.  They engage, train and mobilise the next generation of activists and campaign leaders. 

Contact the Castle Street branch by emailing Secretary Sam DeBuyzer

Dunedin Young Labour

Dunedin Young Labour is a collection of progressive young workers and students with an interest in politics and society.  The branch meets fortnightly to discuss and take action on issues facing young people and students in New Zealand.  We also campaign with local MPs and participate in wider Labour Party events.

Contact Dunedin Young Labour by emailing Chairperson Josh Livingstone

Dunedin Women's

The Dunedin Women’s Branch is a group of enthusiastic women who enjoy a friendly lively discussion on topical issues.  

Contact Dunedin Women's by emailing Secretary Anne Rodger

Dunedin Environment

The Dunedin Environment branch meets regularly to discuss environmental issues, advance policy with the Labour Party and take action on environmental issues in the Dunedin community.

Contact Dunedin Environment by emailing Chairperson Jocelyn Harris